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Please note I do not update members pages, I add to them. At the current members fee I cannot afford to update every entry here, I would go broke in a week. Treat these items as you would ads from a magazine. The older the magazine the less up-to-date the contents. I could remove the links, but some of the items may be of interest, and some may still be for sale. It also gives new members an idea of what to expect over the course of a year's membership.

Barns, chapels, churches, land, and woordland for sale, mainly in the south, but also in the Midlands and Scotland.

Mainly chapels for sale, some of them rather neatly converted. Also a doctor's surgery, a park home, a hotel for conversion, a church hall, and a former pub.

Barns for conversion, stables, and a caravan

Houseboats for sale

Lots of churches for sale

A thatched cottage, some building land, a chapel for conversion and 118 acres of Bodmin Moor for sale.

Those that have been let through the lock-down.

Barns, churches and chapels, a riding school, redundant pubs, all available for development.

A station, a castle, some converted barns, and barns for conversion, a French former hunting lodge, a couple of thatched cottages, a small stately home, a farmhouse with multiple barns for development, a couple of rather nice black and white houses, a caravan park, a converted pub, and a couple of rural gems.
Mainly chapels for conversion:  June
Mainly chapels for conversion:  June
Barns for conversion:  June
Houseboats for sale:  May
Lots of churches for sale:  May
We're back with a few properties:  April
A reduced selection:  April
Mainly in the North of England:  April
A station, a castle, and much more:  March
Rural properties:  March
Southern England:  March
Barns and updates:  March
Lots of barns:  February
Mainly up north:  February
In the South:  February
Mainly Midlands:  January
Mainly Wales and the North:  January
Expensive Christmas presents:  December
More listed buildings:  December
Barns for conversion:  December
More water mills:  December
Mainly in the South:  December
Mainly converted water mills:  November
A lot of park homes +...:  November
Mainly in Scotland:  November

Forty-seven bulletins last year. I have deleted the rest of last year's list as most of those properties have now been sold.