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Please note I do not update members pages, I add to them. At the current members fee I cannot afford to update every entry here, I would go broke in a week. Treat these items as you would ads from a magazine. The older the magazine the less up-to-date the contents. I could remove the links, but some of the items may be of interest, and some may still be for sale. It also gives new members an idea of what to expect over the course of a year's membership.

A converted French mill,  a farm with barns and 26 acres, a Welsh redundant church,  and a Welsh hotel for conversion, some more thatched cottages, a couple of barns, and some woodland.

Some Methodist chapels for sale and a church with a prestigious tower and steeple, a few large public buildings for conversion, a couple of pubs, also for conversion and a hotel. There are a couple of barn conversaions and a rural ruin for development. There are also a couple of properties with nil or almost nil reserves, and, after a long absence, another of those public lavatories for development.

A railway station for sale with a guards van.  The Old Deanery at Wells is for sale, a couple of chapels, and a church. Several thatched cottages for sale, and also several large manor houses, and a couple of stately homes, plus a couple of Scottish castles still available. There is also a barn for development, and a couple of ruins.

Some churches and barns for conversion to dwellings, and a spectacular sea view building site.

A water tower for sale, also a thatched cottage, a building site overlooking a lake, a couple of church buildings for conversion to dwellings, a boat storage facility, and more...

An island for sale, a bowling club, an MOT garage, some development deals and building plots, and some woodland.

Land, barns, hotels for conversion, woodland, a cinema, and a public swimming pool, all for sale.

Mainly properties that have failed to sell at auction

Coastal properties, some islands for sale, and a couple of houseboats.

Mainly listed buildings across the UK, including stately homes, a church for conversion, a barn, and several unusual houses.

Several barns for redevelopment, also land for redevelopment, 17 acres of land with a reservoir, a church building, and a farm with several outbuildings which could be used for conversion to dwellings. Most of these properties are in Wales.

An old garage for redevelopment, several pieces of woodland, a chapel for conversion, a children's care home, a holiday chalet, four fishing lakes, a pub for conversion to flats, a beach-side development opportunity, an old forge for redevelopment, and a 9 bed home with substantial outbuildings.
Bits & Bobs:  October
Mainly in the North:  October
A station, Chapels, castles...  September
Some churches and barns  September
A water tower, thatched cot...:  September
An island, bowling club & more:  September
Land, barns, hotels, cinema:  August
Unsold auction properties:  August
Coastal property, islands, & boats:  August
Listed buildings across the UK:  August
Mainly Wales:  July
In the South:  July
Midlands and the North:  July
Wales & N England:  July
Development deal:  July
Seaside properties:  June
Scotland and Bristol:  June
Thatched cottages, barns, developments:  June
Mainly in the north:  June
Fishing lakes, barns, woodland:  May
Mills, Castles, and developments:  May
More development deals:  May
Development deals:  May
South West England:  April
Southern England:  April
Listed buildings:  April
Barns, Churches & ruins:  April
Farms, barns, thatch & mansion:  March
Church and chapels: March
Auction properties: March
From Lands End to John o' Groats : February
Going to auction : February
Houseboats: February
Wales: February
Scotland and West Country: January
End of year miscellany: January
End of year miscellany: December
Barns and more: December
More in the south: December
Mainly in the south: December

Forty-seven bulletins last year. I have deleted the rest of last year's list as all those properties have now been sold.