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The Unique Property Site - Unusual properties for sale.

But I also do other things...

John Clare Books - Novels, books on real estate, crypto-currencies, auto-biography, and travel...

Percy's Cat Cartoons - Diary of a busy cat

The Music - songs and albums

Poetry - This is turning into a website in its own right. I cover all sorts of material. Do have a look.


Unique Property Site

The Unique Property site

It's the oldest property site on the web, and the most unusual.
I've been buying and selling real estate for decades. Heck, I even invented Buy-to-Let in 1991. The background picture on this page is the view from my home in Malta.
Unique Property Blog

John Clare's Property Blog

Check it out. There's a lot there, and it's interesting, and very useful.
Percy's Cat Cartoons

Uncle Percy

This is a new venture. Percy's very own cat cartoon strip. Come on, get hooked.
John Clare Books

I've written about fifty books, some of them are available on Amazon, or my author web page. I cant squeeze them all in here:

Girls on Top  Which One Will it Be?  The Nile Trilogy  The moon Shone for me

The Last Troubadour in Spain  Bitcoin and
          Cryptocurrencies  Algarve Cooking  Another Day in the
John Clare Music

I've released several albums over the years. Have a listen...

        Mockers on TV

This was the band on tv.